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and was shot. that victim is in sable condition. >> a house fire in san francisco has sent a bedridden individual to the hospital. just before 5:00 when the fire was reported. flames were knocked down in a half hour. one person confined to a bed was taken to the hospital. otherwise no serious injuries have been reported. the red cross has been called out to help those displaced by the fire. >> a stubborn fire at a cupertino cement plant took two hours to get under control. firefighters responded to the fire this morning at 5:45. truck equipment and tires appear to be the only damage. the cause is still under investigation. >>> crews in fairfield have cleared enough debris from the comedy club fire to open neighboring streets. investigators will continue looking for a cuss tomorrow. we we are over the scene friday night. there were no injuries but the business appears be a loss. >>> the warning periodes over for drivers in san francisco. parking enforcement officers were out in force today checking meters. lillian kim joins us live with the details. reporter: the grace period is over fo
the largest light sculpture. our reporter is live in san francisco with a look at the first segment of the project. >> a lot of you watching this are just starting the day. they are up there wrapping their day up working all night, installing the first of 25,000 l.e.d. lights with upclose access to their work overnight. look at this. the team on the project says it will be the largest light sculpture. it will be almost two miles wide and 500' high honoring the 75th anniversary of the bridge. a lot of thought has gone into the details. >> intelligent lighting. each can be controlled individually with a lost accuracy. that is what is unique. that involves a big network and data and things that most people do not want to be aware of. >> the land is to finish the construction in february and you will see the finished product on the western span of the year. it will be here for two years and they were flip the switch march 5, two months from tomorrow. >> amy, thank you. friends and family of a missing 19-year-old petaluma girl resume their search in lake tahoe area after last being seen
first year in the san francisco he was great with making 44 of the 52 field goals. so far, not as much and gary radnich will have more coming up with a possible replacement for david acres. that is coming up. >> catherine: he's arguably the most vocal member of the san francisco giants. now - sergio romo is being accused of being a little 'too' vocal with airport security workers in las vegas. the relief pitcher is in trouble after an outburst in the security line. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us with more. >> reporter: catherine, you and i both know that sergio romo is one of the most colorful players on the san francisco giants. during the world series parade he wore a shirt that said, i just look illegal, an image that went viral. las vegas police say on new year's day between 8:30 and 9 there was an outburst between a tsa agent and romo. tsa officials tell me romo was unable to provide identification required of travelers. this is a picture posted on new year's eve showing sergio romo at a nightclub in vegas called haze. in the photo you'll see that he's alo
. >>> a 19-year-old pleaded not guilty to murder charges in a san francisco court today in connection with a deadly crash on new year's day. david morales is accused of shooting at three people and fleeing police before crashing at 21st street and south van ness. the impact of his crash killed two people and seriously injured a third. >>> an oakland mother is asking for help looking for her run away son who has the mental capacity of an 11-year-old. here's 15-year-old charles anderson. he's big for his age. he's 5' 11, and weighs 230 pounds. his mother and step father say charles left his home sunday afternoon after they argued about him going to see a friend. his mother says she has checked with friends and family and he's not with them. >>> there are questions tonight about whether fbi investigators are on the right track in a new search for more victims of the speed freak killers. crews continued for a second day excavating a well in san joaquin county. the well was identified after six months of investigation, including interviews with one of the killers. but a map drawn by sherma
francisco. south 101 in san mateo at third avenue there is road construction, as well. various lanes blocked at least until 6 a.m. no major delays through there. also, eastbound 237 connector to 880 look out for roadwork. overall it's a nice ride in the south bay. frank. >> thank you. >>> there may be some new clues in a cold case in san francisco. police spent hours yesterday digging in a house just a block from where a 10-year-old boy was last seen some 29 years ago. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in the haight-ashbury neighborhood with the renewed search now for kevin collins. here on masonic and page things are back to normal. there were bones found in the duplex here behind me but the preliminary assessment is that those were animal bones. further analysis is necessary. 10-year-old kevin collins was last seen a block from here at a bus stop on oak street on the way home from basketball practice at saint agnes school in 1984. witnesses at the time say he was pushed into a car with two teenager with mohawks. police aren't saying why they are r
the helicopter to reach him and he was not hurt. >>> if you park in san francisco you need to feed the meter to avoid a ticket. it's the first sunday that the city's new parking fees will be enforced between noon and 6:00 p.m.. until now drivers got warners but that grace period ends today. >>> san francisco 49ers will have one last chance to wish the team good luck. before the players lead for the super bowl they are departing from their practice facility until noon today. and then they will head out on a delta charter night for new orleans. the baltimore ravens fly to new orleans tomorrow. we are also sending a team of anchors to new orleans. they will have live reports and every newscast leading up to super bowl sunday. those will start tonight. immediately following the super bowl you will see a live local post game show right here on ktvu channel 2. >> that looks like a good defensive line for ktvu. super bowl week very exciting. if you want to go outside let's see what we're looking like. >>> it's a pretty day. just don't leave without your jacket. you may need it. it's cool out there.
yesterday. 45 currently in downtown san francisco san jose is coming in at 37 degrees. your satellite and radar we are clear for the most part. we do not have too much in the way of cloud cover. we do have more more to contend with. fog is starting to form an hour north bay and east bay valleys. rain could start as early as tomorrow afternoon. >> futurecast 4 4:03 p.m. shows the lane approaching the bay area as we set the clock into motion you can see this is the bay area where i am circling. by 6:00 p.m. we could see widespread rain. yellow and orange on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain piffling will continue to push through sunday morning with scattered showers on the back end. we do have some moisture that will impact us throughout sunday. a lot of clouds associated with the system. maybe a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of rain. your afternoon highs for today 58 for santa rosa. warmer than yesterday's 60 expected in oakland. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows mild conditions for today in the first half of tomorrow. again we have rain on the rising
vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:07. one san francisco supervisor wants to crack down on muni and its service problems. the san francisco chronicle says scott wiener will ask the board for a hearing where muni would report on all of the recent service problems and the city controller would say how much money that cost in lost productivity. >>> muni's board of directors will vote on whether to approve a $24.1 million contract to overhaul are the aging train management system. now, a new network would feature an integrated series of fiberoptic cables, an uninterruptible power systems. that system would be managed at one central location which muni says will help them quickly out problems and make adjustments. if approved, the project would be finished in 1.5 years. >>> the cold weather is bringing dangerous conditions for bay area drivers. this is what it looked like yesterday when six vehicles were involved in a collision near fish ranch road and claremont avenue. this is in the oakland hills. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. drivers are being warned to watch out for black ice and l
bones in a decades old case of a missing child in san francisco. we broke that story yesterday. kevin collins disappeared in february of 1984 and last seen at a bus stop in the haight-ashbury. amy joins us from the home that was searched by cadaver dogs. >> people say it has been painful to relive the memories of kevin and his disappearance. investigators stirred up old emotions yesterday morning when they arrived in the neighborhood and searched a home here at masonic and page in haight-ashbury looking for evidence in the disappearance of kevin collins. he was ten when he vanished. police found bones under the concrete floor but they believe they are animal bones. this is drawing out hope and disappointment again for the family including the mother and collins, and those in the neighbor. >> shaky. i was scared. shaking. i could not sleep think about it, what the situation was. i did get some sleep but i was worried about anne, that is who i am worried about. she is the one, really, that is having a problem right now. >> police were here at home all day yesterday and into the night. i
case of a missing child in san francisco. we broke that story yesterday. kevin collins disappeared in february of 1984 and last seen at a bus stop in the haight-ashbury. amy joins us from the home that was searched by cadaver dogs. >> people say it has been painful to relive the memories of kev his disappearance. investigators stirred up old emotions yesterday morning when they arrived in the neighborhood and searched a home here at masonic and page in haight-ashbury looking for evidence in the disappearance of kevin collins. he was ten when he vanished. police found bones under the concrete floor but they believe they are animal bones. this is drawing out hope and disappointment again for the family including the mother and collins, and those in the neighbor. >> shaky. i was scared. shaking. i could not sleep think about it, what the situation was. i did get some sleep but i was worried about anne, that is who i am worried about. she is the one, really, that is having a problem right now. >> police were here at home all day yesterday and into the night. it was the cold case unit t
camera looking back at san francisco. >> good morning everyone i am anny hong. >> and i am james fletcher. >> we do have a dense fog advisory in effect according to the national weather service that will be the case until 9:00 a.m. this morning. we still will contend with all the conditions in to the afternoon it will start to clear up. we will see sunny warmer conditions. temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s. >> later tonight it will be cooler we will see in increase in cloud cover. temperatures will drop to the 44 your inland spots. low 50s crime the heart of the bay area. >> expect reduced visibility for the entire bay. the east bay shoreline, the santa clara valley including san jose. >> visibility could be down to a quarter of a mile or less. use your head like but not your high beams. >> here is a look at your visibility chart. down to a mile in napa. zero in navato and fairfield. 3 tenths of a mile and concord. one half mile in livermore. in to the afternoon however, he would not remember it you will see the sunshine and temperatures warmer than yesterday. we are on a seasonally w
a potential debt disaster. >>> we're following a developing story out of san francisco where the bomb squad has been called to an area not too far from at&t park. police say a military ordnance of some kind was found at a construction site near third street. this is a live look from our nbc chopper overhead there checking out the scene. all this happening right across from mccovey cove. you can see traffic snarled up, being rerouted around that area. as of right now, this is still an active situation. we will, of course, keep you posted on this one and let you know what prompted the bomb squad to be called there once we know. >> it took hours of cursing, screaming and debate, but this morning oakland has finally made a decision on a very controversial proposal to reduce violent crime. it is now poised to hire one of the best known policing experts in america, bill bratton. nbc bay area's christie smith spoke with them this morning. she joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. the message coming out of the oakland police department this morning is that oakla
in the bay area now, 6:09, san francisco police are taking a new look at a cold case that involved a child who disappeared nearly 30 years ago. the renewed search sent officers to the haight-ashbury neighborhood. they are searching around a house on masonic avenue near page street there. and cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is on the scene with what neighbors remember about the time kevin collins went missing. >> reporter: good morning. there were some bones found in the duplex behind me. they are animal bones but further analysis is necessary. 10-year-old kevin collins was seen a block from here on the way home from school in 1984. witnesses say he was pushed into a car with two teenagers. police aren't saying why they have renewed their search for kevin but we do know cadaver dogs found bones under the concrete floor of the garage in the duplex. police say a man who lived in the house at the time matched the description of a man seen talking to kevin. that person has since died. but we spoke to a neighbor who knew the two men who lived here back in '84. >
coverage of the near disaster on the san francisco bay that we first covered on ktvu channel 2 news at noon yesterday. this morning, the u.s. coast guard will meet with the pilot of the oil tanker that sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live with new details about this bar pilot's past. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. a coast guard spokesperson tells me there will be an update on this investigation coming after the team is briefed at 8:00 this morning. we do know that investigators will be sitting down later today and talking with the pilot at the controls of this 750-foot oil tanker when it struck one of the bay bridge towers. he's identified as george close with eight years experience. he did pass an alcohol test yesterday and the results of a drug test may come back today. yesterday's accident yesterday after the vessel was heading back to sea. there was heavy fog in the area at the time. that cut visibility on the bay to just about a quarter mile. this double-hauled vessel struck the wood and barrier that sports the bridge on the western sp
subaru. if she was taken to san francisco general hospital. the collision is under investigation. >> pg&e crews are working to repair a gas leak in a brentwood neighborhood. the leak was first reported in the 2700 block of st. andrews drive just before 430 friday afternoon. eight homes were evacuated as a precaution while pg&e workers shut off gas service in the area. if 10 customers were without gas service while repairs were under way. if pg&e expects to finish the repairs by today. ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon...creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am? [ female announcer ] find progresso light
. the station was closed all afternoon, catching many riders by surprise. >> i'm trying to go to san francisco airport to work so now i have to report i'm going to be late. >> i'm on it every week, so it is a little scary. >> reporter: police say there were witnesses and they are hoping surveillance video taken on a nearby transit bus may give them some clues. last month there was another b- a-r-t shooting, this one at the pittsburgh bay point station. but police say crimes like this are still rare. >> we don't have a an of shootings whether it be in daylight or nighttime. so this is atypical. >> and even that hour police say they are still talking to witness and gathering evidence. there was a second crime scene where they found some evidence in a nearby residential neighborhood. they won't release what that was. they have established a anonymous tip line at 510-464- 7011. live in san leandro. cbs 5. >>> another fate aol shooting in -- another fatal shooting in san francisco at fillmore and gary streets. after being hit, the man crashed into a parked car. the gunman who witnesses say was wear
, and our facebook and twitter pages. >>> a police chase in san francisco today. police say a man was driving a stolen s-u-v. this is video from sky 7. the man ran from police when they tracked him down.but he was found shortly afterwards and arrested. police set up a perimeter in the area looking for other suspects. no one was hurt. but the suspect may have hit a patrol car. >> the naked man involved in a tense police stand-off in san jose on new year's day was in court today. police say charles bennett had a samurai-style sword and an assault rifle. officers say he brandished the sword.before finally dropping it in that face- off. they later found the gun in his car. bennett did not enter a plea today. new at eight. a fairfield car thief was arrested today. but not before he led police on a car chase.then ran away from officers. 44-year-old richard pillard was found hiding in the garage of a friend's home. he's been arrested and faces charges including car theft.and hit and run. >>> a 19-year old gang member is now facing a list of charges including murder. that's following tues
there but to fight terrorists. afghan president karzai arrives to speak to leaders. >>> san francisco leaders are sworn in. why two women backed away from their bid to lead the board of supervisors. >>> and back here in just a few minutes it's getting cool out there. even a chance for some sprinkles when i come back a detailed time line when the showers could begin and when the cold air gets here. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >>> an unusual start to the new year for the san francisco board of supervisors as the group elected its leader. david stevenson live in the city with the outpouring of emotion that came after that vote. >> reporter: weeks of speculation led to some drama at city hall and a discussion about race, gender and leadership. moments after a judge swore in returning and new supervisors the drama began. >> i would like to nominate kim. a tenacious, strong woman of color. >> reporter: they nominated each other against chufuls -- against chu. the women had usually gone against each other
compare to what we are dealing with yesterday. >> san francisco 59. 57 in san raphael. lows 60s for richmond concord. 61 in hayward. 62 in san jose. >> satellite and radar shows some of the rotation moisture spinning its way north into the bay area. that will continue throughout the day however, the unsettled weather will start to diminish by later tonight. >> i do not think we will see any rain for the evening hours. as we take it to future cast 4 by a.m. light rain for the coast line in the mid peninsula. >> a lot of cloud cover lingering but not much moisture. >> 10:00 a.m. light rain for napa, vallejo, along the delta. >> not much later this afternoon by 1:00 p.m. we're not picking up much. >> the cloud cover and cool weather will stick around but not much rain into the evening hours. >> we may see it as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday a series of systems dropping from the gulf of alaska will bring cold showers to our area. >> not a lot of moisture associated with them but a chance for instability because he scattered showers with that. >> keep an umbrella hand
in a collision with a san francisco muni bus. the accident happened shortly after two pm when the bicyclist swerved to avoid a car door that had opened up on geary street and ended up hitting a bus that was traveling alongside the rider. the person fell off their bike but was not run over by the bus according to a muni spokesman. the biker suffered unknown injuries and was transported to san francisco general hospital. >>> vallejo police are offering a ten-thousand- dollar reward in connection with a christmas eve hit and run where the victim still remains in critical condition. the 54-year-old vallejo resident was crossing broadway street at hogan avenue around 5:20 pm when they were struck by a honda civic. the vehicle then fled the scene and has not been located. the car is described as a black two door civic which may have some damage like a broken right headlight. damaged hood. and possibly a broken windshield. the victim was taken to john muir hospital and remains in critical condition. >>> is lance armstrong planning to make a public statement about his use of banned performance enha
all that niners gear and heading to the airport. we caught up with a san francisco man who is flying to new orleans later on tonight. his name sonny walla, just got his ticket in the mail yesterday, but didn't come cheap. >> face value says 950, but i spent 4900 on this ticket itself. so yeah, quite a bit. >> quite a bit of a markup on that one. that's a true fan. he says he's been a niners fan since he was 10. his big prediction niners taking this one by ten. >> i like his satten jacket. >> smooth. >> law enforcement has come up with its own defense plan for super bowl sunday. 1300 federal agents and 270 state troopers will support police in new orleans. the u.s. coast guard will patrol the lower mississippi river for any coastal threat. and the pentagon says norad will be monitoring the skies over the big easy ready to scramble fighter jets at a moment's notice. >>> stay with nbc bay area for complete coverage of super bowl week. we'll bring you everything 49ers. >>> new this morning, the senate judiciary committee held a hearing called what should americans do about gun violence?
. >>> at first glance you might think that, hey, this got to be san francisco, right? it's actually new orleans shrouded in fog this morning. the weather forecast for the big easy looks bad. here's chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> it is going to be soggy on bourbon street over the next 24 hours. foggy this morning, warm and humid. look at all these thunderstorms with about 30 different reports of hail damage in places like eastern oklahoma and also arkansas and east texas all of this heading toward the big easy and new orleans will be very wet tomorrow with thunderstorms likely and temperatures dropping to the low 60s by the afternoon. believe it or not, out of the three cities, san francisco, baltimore, new orleans, baltimore will be the warmest tomorrow at 68 despite the fact that we'll have full sunshine. mainly clear skies over the south bay now. we'll talk about a return to the 60s when we get there and how long we'll stay there, that's coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll check it out. thanks, paul. >>> well, it's not just fun and football
and only, cheerios >> parking control officers in san francisco are now issuing tickets for vehicles parked at spirit meters on sunday and they were busy out there today, handing out 70 two dollar tickets for $62 for spirit meters everywhere else. the rule went into effect three weeks ago but until today drivers got warnings. >>> construction on california's high speed rail line is supposed into begin in the san joaquin valley in july but the state has yet to buy a single acre of land on the route. officials hope to begin making offers over the next several weeks. the "los angeles times" says a con sew luted process could cause land owners to delay the project. high-speed rail officials say it won't be easy but they can still acquire the property and begin the project on time. >> more 50 hikers had to be rescued in arizona after heavy rain flooded a canyon in bare -- bear canyon near tucson. some hikers were led -- rescuers used a technique that involved roping together hikers and flow addition devices to get them through high water. others were flown out by helicopter. the flash flood took
stern. in a statement released from the organization, it says that the san francisco 49ers rejected comments that were made yesterday. there's no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. we proudly serve the lgbt community. and they need to stay quiet about being gay. >> i appreciate your time and good luck at the game. >> reporter: some very bold comments and certainly hours and hours of interviews have been done. with the players, the coaches, the owners and these were some of the most controversial. reporting live, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: here now -- sports director gary radnich. is this going to have impact into the big game? >> gary: i actually had to look up who this was but i do not think so. he is just a 25 your kid-25 year-old kid. his name is chris culv er he is not overwhelmed with interviews and of this shock jock got something out of him antibiotics and says something stupid. >> what about your gay guys? >> i do not do any of the gay guys? >> there are nobody on the team. i cannot be with that sweet stuff. >> certainly, this is no defense
information leaks in this case. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> a convicted sex offender from south san francisco this, man, will go on trial in april for exposing him stofl a 6-year-old girl in a christmas tree lot. the 67-year-old has several prior convictions for sex abuse against children and did nim a state hospital as a mentally disordered sex offender. he was arrested december 1 for exposing himself in a tree lot. >> a san jose custodian who shot and killed a suspected car thief is scheduled to appear in court. police say the 26-year-old confronted christopher soriano on monday morning. investigators believe this was an attempt at vigilante justice by hernandez and his boss. hernandez apparently followed his boss's orders to detain the victim. police say the attempted citizen's arrest developed into a strug skbrel deadly gunfire. >> police showed off an assault rifle and a 100 round magazine collected when the help of shot spotter technology. from 84th avenue on new year's eve. they heard the gunshots 20 seconds after being recorded by shot spotter microphones which relayed the sound. >> t
guns off the street because violence continues. >> they say in the bay area, san francisco, oakland, where the murder rate is high every year and young folks are losing their lives consistently. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: at the cow palace, preparations are under way for a weekend gun show. thousands from around the state are expected to attend as the obama administration talks about new gun control laws after the deadly newtown school shooting. >> our aten dance is roughly doubled, in some cases more than doubled as people -- as guns are in the news and people are concerned about their second amendment rights going forward. >> we don't see any action and no change. >> reporter: richard is concerned about the gun shows contributing to local violence. >> you have those individuals that go out and buy guns for cheap at the gun shows and bring them to the community and sell them for more. >> reporter: richard has been fighting for a ban on gun shows for years. >> but the gun show keeps coming back. >> reporter: senator leno is a partner in the fight. >> finally, we got the bill to a
being hit by a car in san francisco. the police was hit around 8:00 last night while walking with her family on pine street near stockton. she was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. right now there's no word on if the police detained the driver. >>> in san jose, the chp is trying to figure out just moments before a driver hit and killed a man on highway 101. that happened just before 7:00 last night. and the officers said that the man may have been trying to cross the highway. >>> volunteers in the east bay are getting ready for a post christmas tradition. they're going to dump hundreds of christmas trees in the lake. and we're there with more on why they are doing this. >> reporter: the christmas trees create a habitat for baby fish and sustain the populations. they'll chain together about a thousand of the trees and drop them into horseshoe lake. you see fishermen arriving waiting to get inside quarry lake's recreation area where this project will take place this morning. these are unsold christmas trees that have been donate the by vendors. and we're showi
>> they're focusing big-time on the san francisco 49ers. we'll hear from colin kaepernick, and get garies perspective on western it for breakfast. >>gary's perspective on yesterday's important >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 7:00 a.m. starts now. >> student at antioch elementary are in a crash course in stranger danger after a man tries to lure a boy into his car. >> present biden is on the road today to promote gun- control. >> we are watching the bay area weather as we head into friday morning into the weekend with clouds to start the day we will get more on the forecast vs. george with traffic. >> better news for the hot spots we have been tracking in san leandro the east bay. the north bound 880 accident that locked into that tantalates have been cleared. that is the distinct getting back to normal. the west bound by coming in on interstate 580 on the northbound2138 is still sluggish. there's a report that there is an accident here. >> because it is friday in his early we do not see a big back up that the allies might.
here in new orleans this evening. the vast majority of san francisco players will be making their first appearance in the super bowl. coach jim harbaugh is doing his best despite all the national media attention to make the week as normal as possible. >> being here on sunday, in the city. like a week late you're off to a sunday game. our team has been really focused. focused on winning. focused on the unity of the team. i think it's really genuine. >> reporter: even though it's only sunday night. the fans are already gathering at the 49ers hotel. >> you're hanging around outside the 49er hotel doing what? >> waiting to see anybody. anybody i just saw anthony dixon go by, i shook his hand. i'm so excited. >> how about frank gore for you? >> because frank gore is short and he's a little guy so that's why he's a good runner. >> john harbaugh and the baltimore ravens come to town. we'll see you a little later in sports. reporting live in new orleans, joe fonzi. >> all right, we'll see you then. >>> back in the bay area earlier today. fans cheered the 49ers on their way out. fans came to the
the vessel that slammed into the bay bridge remained in san francisco bay this morning. coming up i will tell you if there is any oil in the water in the latest of the investigation in a live report. >> more on the death of a 19 year-old petaluma girl went missing in lake tahoe. new informations trade ahead. >> police have arrested the man accused of setting a man woman on fire. >> let's get more with george on our hot spots. >> interstate 80 in the west bound direction and early occurring accident has jammed the freeway. the drive times between 26 and 28 minutes it could continue to grow as we're still in the early part of the commute. >> also in the east bay another hot spot on the nimitz freeway where a stall bus blocks to lanes of traffic on 880 north bound. the traffic is jammed up from the coliseum. >> we had a lot of fog to contend with george. a fog advisory in effect for the east bay valley and the delta and the car keenness straight. >>uiinez straitrtunez strait. >> temperatures will climb into the low 60s with sunshine. we will see an increase in cloud cover. i will talk ab
for men mustache and beard. keep your edge. >>> just ahead, meet the san francisco 49ers' secret super bowl weapon. tina fey reveals her dream project post "30 rock". >>> and taye diggs is your worst nightmare, criminals. >>> welcome back. here's a look at the radar out of the northwest. definitely from seattle f you're traveling through the passes, it's just a flow of moisture and the angle and temperature. gets a little difficult. we are seeing snow at high elevations. getting nailed in the mountains, too, of northeastern oregon. as far as the forecast goes, most of the city areas will be dry from medford southward. recovery of temps a little bit. 69 in l.a. tomorrow more of the same for most areas. you can barely even tell the map changed. >> yeah, thanks, bill. >>> "mean girls" fans and with "30 rock" ending thursday, tina fey looking for a new project. that may be a "mean girls" musical. lindsay lohan might have her fingers crossed there. i don't know if we do, though. >>> well, taye diggs' night was just getting started after he left the s.a.g. awards sunday. the actor arrived ho
are ok on the sunday? >> yes it is good for san francisco. perhaps maybe it could clean up the city. >> reporter: you do not care? >> i do not care. we are tourists. >> i take public transit anywise so it is not a problem for me. and if you were parking on the street you would have to pay today what would you think about that? >> it is not that bad for a scooter. >> and if you never used to have to pay for it sunday. >> right. i guess the city needs the money. >> reporter: scott rates, kron 4. this freeway sideshow on interstate 880. with cars along the freeway watching others spinning out. as felipe to call reports this could help investigators catch the criminals as phillipe djegal reports. >> reporter: a longtime california highway patrol spokesperson says this was even suprising to her. cellphone video uploaded onto youtube. shows spectators stopping their cars on interstate 8- 80 north in oakland. with the oh-dot-co coliseum and oracle areana in the background. recording a sideshow. mostly young men spinning donuts while traiffc sits still. creating a traffic mess for at least
-year-old charged with killing two people in a san francisco crash new year's day is expected in court today. police say the suspect hit the victims while trying to get away from a shooting scene. >>> got your traffic and rather chilly weather out there. have your traffic and weather coming up after the break. >>> good morning. we are getting first reports of a broken-down vehicle westbound bay bridge right at the incline. it's blocking the number 2 lane. but you can see in our live shot here not causing any problems. traffic really eased up quite a bit. east 80 at central avenue reports of potholes in the road and ace train number 3 running about five minutes behind schedule. lawrence? >> we have a lot clear skies around the bay area. cold start to the day once again. frost widespread early on. temperatures dropping off into the 20s and 30s. so grab your jacket if you are heading out the door, sunglasses, too. it will be a beautiful day. numbers running down to 29 degrees in livermore. 28 in concord. and 27 degrees right now santa ros
see it first. >>> we take you live to san francisco for a look at the bay bridge. tell you about something damage-wise happening out there. an investigation going on on this tuesday, january 8th. this is "today in the bay." >>> it is almost
, toochlt we have a special men's class and have classes in san francisco. if you have questions there is an address on the card and our e mail and you can -- or you can come talk to us if you have questions. we would like to say -- and you can say to us -- thank you so much for coming. [applause] . >> good evening and welcome to the san francisco public library. i'm joan jasper, i'm with the department of public exhibitions here at the library. thank you so much for coming to our exhibition tonight with author craig childs. he's been jet setting all over the country promoting his new book, the house of rain. we also want to thank the publishers for bringing craig to us and we also want to thank (inaudible) at the book table at the end of the program. craig childs is a commentator for national public radio's morning edition. he has written noert "new york times", the los angeles times and several magazines. his work has won the spirit of the west award as well as the colorado book award. the book, house of rain, is craig's latest book. please help me welcome craig childs. . >> he
did. an oil tanker heading out to sea sideswiped a tower on the san francisco oakland bay bridge. the tanker was empty, so no oil leaked into the bay. the bridge itself was not damaged. and no one was injured. >>> in chicago, what first looked like a case of tragic timing has now turned into a case of foul play. a 46-year-old man died last july just hours after getting a $425,000 check for winning a lottery. the medical examiner ruled urooj khan died of natural causes. but his family was suspicious. new toxicology tests just found khan died of cyanide poisoning. and his body will likely be exhumed as police hunt for the killer. >>> casey anthony is not expected to appear in a florida courtroom later today during an appeal hearing. anthony was convicted on four counts of lying to investigators about the disappearance of her daughter in 2008. her attorneys argued that the statements were made before she was advised of her rights. >>> and some medical news, now. and another clue in the battle against alzheimer's. new research finds that beta blockers, those are prescription drugs us
the port of san francisco when briefly grounded. there was no damage and what this incident review committee could not find any failure with the action, he was ordered to take more practiced trips. on two days later, on august 29th, he was taking this vessel out from the san joquan stockton and it damaged a catwalk. he was also practiced as expected-to to--more practice courses. and as he was supervising a trainee at the ship was going from redwood city to the richmond harbor. this tug boat was attached and it made contact with the bottom of the channel causing minor damage. while he was only supervising he was blamed for pilot error. no action was recommended by the incident review committee >> skilled pilots of the river it is easy to make contact with the bottom or problems. it is a very narrow transit. changing conditions, shallow water. i would characterize this as a reminder incidences. >> reporter: the executive director of the pilot commission for san francisco, san pablo, and because they are co conducting their own concurrent investigation he will not comment. however, th
in livermore today. 66 degrees beautiful conditions persist in san francisco. we'll hold onto that for your friday and then temperatures come down just a touch as we head into super bowl weekend. >>> and that's your latest weather. matt. >> al, thank you very much. still ahead, more from the self-confessed mather mind from the manti te'o girlfriend hoax. >>> then a look at the crackdown to get fake nfl gear off the market. right after this. vacation is a precious thing. so this year, make the most of it. fly like you've never been grounded. scream like you've never been shushed. let go like you have nothing to lose. and hold on to what matters most. it's your vacation. don't just take it. mean it. universal orlando. vacation like you mean it. of philadelphia cream cheese. it always begins with fresh, local milk, blended with real wholesome cream. going fresh from the farm, to our fridge, in just six days. when it comes to fresh taste, philadelphia sets the standard. [ announcer ] to do a job well,m the farm, to you need the right tools. days. so if you're filing your taxes online, choose h&
, dublin, livermore, beautiful day in san francisco. 59 san rafael 60 and berkeley 62 degrees. 59 san francisco. extended forecast sunshine through the super bowl mid-60s thursday through sunday. cloudier next week, looks wetter. we have a lot of sunshine between now and then. >> thank you. >>> well, super bowl sunday is the second biggest food day of the year. second only to thanksgiving. >> you don't have to wake up the next day fumbling for your big jeans. dr. kim mulvihill has our game day strategy. >>> reporter: on super bowl sunday there are favorite teams. >> of course the 49ers, i have my money on it. >> reporter: and favorite foods. >> fried chicken. >> wings, chips. >> lots of liquor. >> reporter: it's no wonder game day calories often match those of an offensive alone man. >> -- offensive lineman. >> we can consume 4,000 calories during the game. >> reporter: the registered dietician says you need a good defense to keep you from throwing in the towel. >> baby chips, snap pea, bell pepper strips. people are anxious. they want a crunc
growth. it has been going on at paul's hat works in san francisco's richmond district since 1918, the making of hats. lineage that runs from its peruvian founder over 94 years to four young women from the neighborhood. >> we were kind of an odd bunch before, didn't plan to be hatters, as most people probably don't, and stumbled on it, really did. stumbled on it. and the story and the ambience and that's what took us. >> mike: the story is a familiar one: in 2009, battered by the down economy, the owner needed to sell, no one would buy. so the option was to shut it down, walk away, hat in hand. except in walked a preschool preschool teacher, two costumers and a bookkeeper, saviors in bright colors, with passion. >> we did it because, a, this place was going to evaporate if we didn't. nobody else was going to do it. the four of us are makers of things. we love the craft and we love old crafts and this was something that you can only learn how to be a hatter by apprenticing. so this is a skill that they're not teaching in school. see, this is kind of a taller crown. >> mike: what t
. >> clayton: that will be a tough day. san francisco, one of thing big participants in the super bowl going for their 6th super bowl title, i believe. 6th super bowl title. maybe more. and now, the mayor of san francisco wants to ban bars from serving alcohol during the super bowl to curb potential violence down there. >> tucker: like a third world election, basically the government says you have no self-control, you can't drink. >> clayton: there's a long history of san francisco having their bars open. >> ainsley: remember what happened at the world series in 2011, there were the riots and all of the bars were destroyed. so, what the mayor is doing, going around bar to bar to some of those damaged and talking with the owners and asking them what their thoughts are, how can we settle the crowd down if it gets out of hand and trying to limit hard liquor sales. >> tucker: but he's going to the bar owners and people making responsible choices, paying taxes, rather than flipping cars over and setting cars on fire and acting like animals. >> ainsley: why not hire more security. >> clayton: who
in the 30's in the north bay and east bay and 47 in san francisco and a lot of dense fog out there. ♪ sweet home alabama >>> coach nick saban didn't seem to be enjoying that little douse he got. but he sure did enjoy the victory last night. third national championship in four years for the crimson tide. they're still celebrating down in miami. and josh elliott is on the scene. hey, josh. >> hey, there, george. again, what a night it was. there's coach nick saban, raising the crystal ball. every team in college football hopes to do that. one team does it. and for the third time in four years, it was the alabama crimson tide. this is the scene that was at the hotel in miami beach, as the team returned from yet another title win. sunlife stadium last night. and there's pictures of katherine webb. i think everybody now knows her, at least in the twitterverse. girlfriend of quarterback a.j. mccarron right there. she's congratulating her man last night. she started the night with roughly 1,000 twitter followers. by night's end, she ended it with over 100,000 twitter followers. america, say hello
and san francisco will bottom out in the 30s tonight. >> very strong dip in the jet stream has placed itself over the western part of the country and that's allowed some very cold air from canada to move southward. >> reporter: snow in new mexico made it look more like new york. that is if new york wasn't close to 50 today. in the east, many places were near record highs. in d.c. it was warm enough for shirtless beach volleyball. orlando was extra hot, even by florida standards. talk about upside down weather. on sunday, highs will be 57 in san diego, and one degree warmer in philadelphia. and flagstaff, arizona, will be exactly the same temperature as green bay, wisconsin. just 21 degrees. forecasters say more seasonal weather should return next week. already snow is being measured in feet in parts of utah. while the system that brought blizzard conditions to the dakotas is now headed east. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. >>> we're not only seeing unusual weather, but some severe weather across the country too. in livingston county, kentucky, a possible tornado leveled a chu
(applause). . >> good evening and welcome to the san francisco public library. i'm joan jasper, i'm with the department of public exhibitions here at the library. thank you so much for coming to our exhibition tonight with author craig childs. he's been jet setting all over the country promoting his new book, the house of rain. we also want to thank the publishers for bringing craig to us and we also want to thank (inaudible) at the book table at the end of the program. craig childs is a commentator for national public radio's morning edition. he has written noert "new york times", the los angeles times and several magazines. his work has won the spirit of the west award as well as the colorado book award. the book, house of rain, is craig's latest book. please help me welcome craig childs. . >> hello. i come to you from out of the desert. i'm coming to you from a landscape where once you get an eye for things, 3 grains of sand out of place draw your attention, where everything is brought to bear, where everything is hinged to a story, every drop of rain leaving a dimple in the gr
and tomorrow only in the 50s in san francisco and vegas only in the 50s the next two days. chilly weather in the west. >>> "argo" was the big winner on sunday night. daniel day-lewis won for "lincoln" and jennifer lawrence picked up the award for "silver linings playbook." >> hand -- hanzele.gretel witch-hunters took in. quaid claims he's running from a group of hollywood hit men. >>> burt reynolds was hospitalized this weekend with a severe case of the flu, spending time in the icu. his rep said they were taking care of him and his mustache. >>> and ashton kutcher was so dedicated to his role in the steve jobs pic he was hospitalized after being doubled over in pain after following job's extreme diet of consisting of fruit, nuts and seeds. i thought and he was vegan? >> steve jobs. >> health issues. doctor ordered it in some cases. >> when he got diagnosed with cancer he decided to go the holistic ways. looking forward to the movie. >>> this comes from rochester, minnesota. a nearby lake city. for once the cold made for ideal conditions. at the 2013 championship regatta of ice boat racin
boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ ♪ about two thousand climbers took to the stairs of a chicago skyscraper today for the 16th annual "aon step up for kids" event. participants climbed 80 floors to the top of the aon center. the climbers included serious athletes, fitness enthusiasts families and supporters of the ann and robert h. lurie children's hospital of chicago. the organizers are hoping to raise more than 600 thousand dollars for the hospital's family services department. the strictly sail chicago exhibit is heading out of town tonight. we got a close-up look at those luxurious boats at navy pier festival hall. the shoppers receive instructions and ideas on purchasing geary and accessories. this is the largest sailboat show in the country. >> a new take on a fairy tale classic is this week's number one movie >> hansel and grete: witch
of the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers are brothers. jim and john harbaugh, ultracompetitive, even ruthless. how will they face off against each other on football's biggest stage? what about their parents? will they take a side? brian todd has the report. >> reporter: they have tried to downplay the family angle. but it's virtually impossible. >> you never put your family aside, joe, you know, but, well, yeah, priorities -- we have a job to do. all of us have a job to do. all of his coaches, our coaches, players, everybody focused on doing a job. >> john harbaugh talking about the fact that he and jim are the first brothers to ever become coaches against each other in a super bowl. inundated with the story, sick of it already, the family still managed to have some fun when john snuck on a conference call his parents having with reporters in recent days, posting as a caller from baltimore. >> is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> i do not -- >> john, how are you? >> is that john harbaugh? >> that was me, john. >> hey, john -- mom was ready to come right through t
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